The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

America was excited to watch the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Well, this week another important UK event is being celebrated- the Queen of England’s Diamond Jubilee. This means that she’s been the reigning monarch for 60 years!

Queen Elizabeth took the throne in 1952, after the death of her father. Since then she has seen countless wars, turbulent political upheaval, and a number of scandals. There have also been triumphs, exciting new developments like the UK’s involvement in the EU, and happy events like the wedding of her grandson, Prince William. It’s been a long, glorious 60 years, and Queen Elizabeth has kept her signature calm and collected manner through all of it. So how is England celebrating a reign that has lasted for longer than most marriages?

Photo Credit: The Telegraph

This week, official celebrations kick off with the Queen’s visit to the Epsom Derby, a prestigious horse race that serves as the second leg in the Triple Crown. They continue with a whole slew of events, from a pageant that takes place on 1,000 boats to a massive concert at Buckingham Palace. Celebrations cumulate in a service at St. Paul’s Cathedral, followed by a Balcony appearance.

The Royal Balcony has seen many historic events. You probably remember this picture from the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton!

Of course, the unofficial celebrations may be even more interesting. The UK has produced scores of art and commemorative gear to celebrate this historic occasion. One of our favorites comes from The Telegraph. They’ve gathered an online gallery of some of the unusual portraits created to commemorate the Jubilee.  Click on the picture below to check it out!

 The official website also has a wealth of interesting information- plus a few games to pass the time. We found the trivia section to be very fun, as well as informative.


We hope you enjoyed learning about the Diamond Jubilee!  While she’s not our monarch (thanks to some plucky revolutionaries in the 1700’s- you may have heard of them), Queen Elisabeth is still a world-wide cultural icon. We hope she continues to enjoy a long and prosperous reign.

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