Easy Allergy Fixes

Are you plagued by summer allergies? For many, allergy season is in full swing. This means months of coughing, nose-blowing, and endless rounds of allergy pills that don’t always help. There are a few things you can do in your home, however, to help alleviate allergy symptoms. We’ve gathered some of them below.

1. Keep your AC running. Your air conditioner removes pollen and mold-carrying moisture from the air. It also has air filters that will remove many allergens before they enter your home. However, this leads us to tip number two…

2. Make sure to change the filters on your air conditioners and vents. This is especially important if you have central cooling/heating. If they aren’t changed often enough, you can actually exacerbate your allergy problems.

3. Keep your gutters clean! Clogged gutters act as petri dishes for mold. They also lead to water seepage within the house, again attracting mold growth.

4. Wash your shower curtain every month. Use hot water and bleach, if possible, to remove any mold that might be growing.

5. Wash your bedding in hot water every week. We actually bring allergens such as pollen into our homes. These allergens can get lodged in things like bedding and couches, meaning that allergy sufferers actually bring their poison into the house with them. Washing your bedding once a week will keep those night-time allergy attacks at bay.

6. De-clutter. Clutter is an excellent dust magnet, and dust is one of the top allergens out there. Take some time this week to de-clutter your home, giving dust fewer places to accumulate.

7. Shed your shoes at the door. This will prevent you from tracking allergens into your home.

8. If your allergies are severe, you may want to consider changing clothes as soon as you come into your home. Like shoes, your clothing can be a carrier for pollen and other allergens.

Of course, the number one way to keep your home allergy-friendly is to have it cleaned often! I think we might know a few people who could help you out with that…

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