Why Colors Matter

For years, we’ve been told that different colors have different meanings. The most obvious example comes from roses. I’m sure you’ve heard that red roses symbolize passion, while yellow can symbolize friendship, and pink corresponds to love. However, colors and color meanings have a more practical usage that you may not be aware of. New research shows that the use of colors in marketing materials can influence consumers. Whether they’re shopping for sales or sitting down to eat in a restaurant, consumers can be subconsciously influence by the colors around them. As a consumer, it is important to understand the effects these colors have on you.

Likewise, this information is very useful for those of you with small businesses, blogs, or websites- any venue where you interact with consumers. Color can directly impact the likelihood of a customer purchasing a product. It can also entice them to purchase more than they otherwise would.

To learn more, please check out the link below. KISSmetrics is one of the leading analytical business sites out there. They created a very helpful chart that shows the psychological impacts of colors on consumers.


Colors impact more than your shopping habits. They also influence the way you eat. For example, did you know that the color red encourages calorie consumption? A study done by Boston University in 2004 showed that participants eating off red plates consumed 25% more food than those eating from white plates. While this was bad news for dieters, it proved helpful for those dealing with Alzheimers patients and the elderly. Many nursing homes have since switched to red plates in order to encourage their seniors to eat more (click here to learn more).

The Kitchn Blog has also created a quick chart that shows how color affects the way you view food. Click on the picture above to check it out. We think you’ll find it very useful!

We hope you enjoyed learning more about color and its psychological impacts on consumers. Let us know if you have any other color tips, or ways you use colors in your daily lives.

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