Olympics Uniforms Through the Years

We’ve all been watching the Summer 2012 Olympics. Likewise, we’ve been listening to the debate over the American uniforms (famously designed by Ralph Loren and outsourced to China). No matter which side of the debate you fall on, it’s always interesting to see what our athletes are wearing. Today, we brought together a glimpse at the Olympic uniforms throughout the years. Starting with…

Ancient Greece

Credit: Encyclopedia Britannica

The ancient Greeks didn’t have to worry about corporate sponsorship for their uniforms. They went with the cheap and scandal-free (well, maybe not) – by wearing nothing!

1896 Summer Olympics

Thomas Burke via Wikipedia

1896 was the first of the modern olympics games. America took part, and has taken part in every modern Olympics with the exception of the 1980 Summer Olympics. As you can see, our Olympians wore a stylish tank top and long shorts combination.


Credit: NYTimes.com and Associated Press

Here you can see the Spalding Co.’s attempt at uniform design.


Credit: NYTimes.com

People may complain about today’s preppy uniforms, but there were no cowboy hats at the Olympics this year. That, at least, we can be grateful for.


Credit: EliteDaily.com

These uniforms were designed by a Canadian company called Roots. I don’t recall any scandal because the company was Canadian. Perhaps it was a different era?


We hope you enjoyed this look back into Olympics history. If you click on the pictures, they’ll take you to even larger collections of Olympics uniforms. Check them out, and let us know which years were your favorites (and which were total duds).

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