Eight Great Things About Labor Day

Monday is Labor Day, a celebration of America’s hard work and the end of summer. A time traditionally set aside for barbecues and family, Labor Day has a lot to be excited about. Here are eight of our favorite things about this wonderful American holiday, starting with…

1. Barbecues: Who doesn’t love a barbecue? Grilled burgers, delicious potato salad, cold beers, chips and salsa–the deliciousness doesn’t end.

2. Sales at the mall! …unless, ironically, you’re working retail this weekend. In that case, labor day sales are probably less exciting and more exhausting.

3.  The end of summer, which means you can start to break out your cute fall wardrobe. Boots, anybody?

4. The end of summer part 2: The kids go back to school. For those of you with little ones, or who stay at home with the kids, this means an extra 5-8 hours everyday of child free bliss. Remember that novel you wanted to finish? The freelance projects you’ve been working on at midnight, after everyone gets to bed? Yeah. Here’s a bit of daylight for you.

5. A day off! …again, unless you’re working retail. Sorry, guys.

6. An end to white pants. Yes, white pants season is over, which should be a relief. You no longer have to worry quite so much about sitting in something, or avoid those delicious (if drippy) foods like salsa to save your white pants. Hello, jeans!

7. The beginning of football season. No matter what team you root for, football season is a fun, competitive time.

8. Parades! If you don’t have one in your town, you can always head to NYC to check out their annual Labor Day Parade. NYC also has a number of other events this weekend. This article from the NY Times has a number of ideas for weekend activities.

All kidding aside, Labor Day is a deeply meaningful holiday that celebrates the sacrifices made by America’s work force, and their contributions not only to America’s economy but to our society. Total Home Cleaning wishes everyone a happy, restful holiday, and is proud to be a part of America’s labor force.

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