Everyone says they are better, so what exactly is it that makes us different from other residential cleaning companies?

Staff… We pay our staff more which translates to lower turnover.  We are very selective about who we hire.  We complete about 150 phone interviews and 30 in-person interviews per employee we hire.  Reference and criminal background checks are all standard.  We look for a service orientation, attention to detail and desire to continually improve.  We offer flexible hours, stable pay and a supportive environment.

Mission…We care about our clients, and our goal is to broaden the scope of services we offer in order to make their lives easier.  Whatever we do we want to have a positive impact on the health of our clients, employees and the environment.  This drives our selection of  top quality cleaning products as well as the systems we use.

Training and management…We strive to develop a best-in-class service through significant investments in training and management systems.  We are active members of the Association of Residential Cleaning Professionals where we share our knowledge with other members of the industry and leverage the expertise of chemists and consultants in order to bring the best service to our clients. 

totalHome Cleaning is managed by professionals with over 15 years of management experience with companies like American Express, Dun and Bradstreet, Staples and other Fortune 500 companies.